Benefits Of Remote Work To Employees And Companies

Although companies had started exploring the applicability of remote working options, the on-going Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift across industries.  This shift has resulted in changes in company composition and structure such that some support services such as IT, HR and Strategic services can be outsourced. However, in order to enhance success, the outsourced services must be provided by reputable and experienced companies. A great example is the remote it support services provided by EBC group. But what benefits do companies and employees accrue from remote working options?

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Benefits to the company

Larger talent poolTraditionally, companies located in a specific geographical area usually hire individuals from that area or people who are willing to relocate to the location in question.  With remote work options, companies can hire individuals from any state across the globe. This not only increases the talent pool infinitely but also the diversity of the talents available to the company. It also eliminates the cost of relocating employees which can run into thousands per employee.

Cost savings

Operating physical offices comes with its own share of expenses. These include rent, water and electricity bills, security costs, cleaning expenses, building maintenance costs, furniture and fittings expenses. The expenses are compounded if the company has several offices across the globe. It also makes it easier for companies to outsource some support services as opposed to maintaining full time employees and departments. Remote work eliminates or minimises these operational costs and therefore increases the profitability of the company. 

Increased productivity

Remote work reduces the commute time and stress, increases time spent with family and friends, minimises office politics, improves communication among team members and reduces expenses for employees. All these contribute to lower stress levels and therefore a higher level of productivity among employees. This translates to higher profits for the company.

Benefits to employees

Work-life balanceAchieving work life balance in the modern day economy has increasingly become elusive. This is especially true for people living and working in urban areas where the cost of living is substantially higher. With remote working options, employees have freedom and flexibility to choose their working hours such that they can spend more time with their family and friends. This is important in enhancing employee welfare and therefore increasing the levels of productivity.

Personalised office

Different employees work well under different conditions and a standard office may limit their creativity and productivity. However, when employees can work remote, they have the option of either customising their office or working from locations that increase their productivity and creativity.  

Saved time

In the urban centres, commuting to and from work could take up anything between 40 minutes to couple of hours each day. This translates to several million man hours wasted each day across the globe: hours that could be spent on productive activities. Remote work eliminates the need to commute to a central location each day and therefore saves time for the employees. The employees could then use this time to either catch up on their work or family.